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We offer a full range of marketing and design services for schools and colleges

Your school image and reputation drive pupil enquiries and growth. A clear knowledge of how stakeholders perceive your school brand not only offers a clear path for improvement, but also pinpoints your school’s points of excellence - essential for effective marketing.
Dowie delivers a swift and efficient brand invigoration programme geared to clarify and express your unique points of value.  


Our design delivery ranges from full top-to-toe school rebranding and roll out/implementation, to small one-off projects and time-critical challenges. 


Marketing, advertising, and design work produced by Dowie for Schools and Colleges has included:

Logo or crest design

Logo or crest upgrade

Brand invigoration

Brand design

Prospectus pack design and production

Open Morning promotion



Annual magazines

Periodic newsletters and reviews

Subject specific material (scholarships, sport, music, Sixth Form etc)

Display stands and pop ups

Promotional posters


Site maps or aerial illustrations

Minibuse design

Uniform and kit design

Strategic communications guidance

Marketing Planning 

Stakeholder Research

Dowie can work with existing suppliers or offer prices for production as required.

For more information contact Rob on 07779 658 210
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