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Barrow Hills



Barrow Hills is an independent prep school for boys and girls aged 2-13, based outside Guildford. The school is sited in a beautiful Arts & Crafts building, Great Roke, while parts of its gardens were designed by Gertrude Jeykll. Dowie utilised this heritage as the source of inspiration when assembling the  design elements for the school. The new colour palette combines the warm honey of the bargate stone, interior plasterwork and the deep green of the surrounding evergreen trees. The existing maroon was maintained to provide continuity.


The school became part of the Bridewell Royal Hospital Foundation in 2015 and, as part of this change, the school brand was evolved to create a deliberate visual association with King Edward's Witley, whilst maintaining the principal elements of the original shield.


Dowie worked with the school's marketing team to build a refreshed identity that would encourage parents to look again at Barrow Hills, an identity that better reflects the rich natural environment in which it is sited. Decorative nature illustrations and borders form an important part of the distinctive new look, taken from the original Arts & Crafts plasterwork which adorns the school's ceilings. These supplementary elements outwardly extend the warm and personal atmosphere of the buildings and extensive gardens.



Work produced:

Branding and logo

Brand guidelines


Digital ads


Open morning ads and banners

A5 Fliers

Minibus design

Pupil profile posters

Pop-up banners



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