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the hub launches

client Twickenham-based recruiment agency @ITS wanted a step change in their identity to be seen as a more user-friendly brand to boost engagement with target segments: IT skilled candidates and clients working in high technology. brief to create a new brand to lead the agency into its 20th year, promoting the people aspect of the business and the professional standards of their operation. Unlike many recruitment agencies, @ITS has a commitment to integrity and a generous code of conduct which underpins their business activity. solution

the new brand name - the resourcing hub - was derived by the client to better reflect their Human Resources focus. Vision and mission statements were agreed and the visual toolkit developed using a new lower case 'friendly' logotype underpinned by a soft, muted colour palette. A grid device was created as a background element in the identity to further represent the role of interconnection and systemmatic precision within their business. The website better reflects the people aspect of the business, with an approachable format and photography of key players in the homepage slideshow and blog bulletins.

A direct mail campaign centred around a chameleon to signify adaptation announced the new brand to the client base, supported by an email marketing campaign to 11,000 recipients which delivered an open rate of over 26%. The new website, social media profiles and stationery supported the change of brand communications.

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