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new ID for Barrow Hills

Barrow Hills School in Witley, Surrey became part of the same Foundation as King Edward's Witley earlier in 2015. Dowie was asked to review the school's identity, with a view to introducing a visual association with King Edward's, yet retaining some of the visual elements which have come to be recognised as Barrow Hills.

Working with Headmaster Matthew Unsworth and his team, Dowie designed and evolved the school ID toolkit to include a fresher, lighter colour palette and re-drew the school crest to be better reflective of the green and leafy environment in which the school sits (much of which was designed by Gertrude Stein). The three barrows (small hills) remained, while the single tree, an emblem of a fir tree on the school's original site, was re-drawn to lose its simplified, slightly cartoon style and replace it with a naturalistic tree with the distinctive branch shape.

The logo type was upgraded to introduce two finely-tooled fonts, bringing to mind the long heritage behind the Barrow Hills school. We also introduced a series of decorative elements to support the brand, reflective of the school's recognised Arts & Crafts heritage, visible throughout the school today in the plasterwork adorning walls and ceilings.

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