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What can we do for you?

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Below are a few examples of what we can offer to those with various requirements

Upgrading your design output

We are perfectly equipped to improve the efficiency and appearance of your existing materials. For example, to evolve an existing corporate identity or brand without losing its recognition, adding to its appeal, or bringing in a completely new approach if required. We can improve content, wording, photography and design across all media.

It is part of our nature to offer advice and recommendions while we execute projects, as we learn and understand more about your product or servce, so our input dovetails with your aims, missions, and goals.

Why not give us a call to discuss your situation, and we'll be happy to meet up and talk through how we can add value to what you are doing.

Branding a product or service

As an external observer, we have the benefit of being able to approach your product or service in a fresh and objective way. Once briefed on your plans and ambitions, we can begin to build a brand profile, taking into account the visual and verbal messaging that best optimises your market position. We see this as a two-way process - you being the brand guardian, with us aiming to provide you with the livery and strategy, as required, to ensure successful exposure and promotion. The power of a brand's visual appearance and vocabulary will play an important role in its success. We will often also derive the brand name to ensure a distinctive look, so the content and visual appearance form a strong and memorable impact.

We're a start up business with a restricted budget

Many of our clients came to us with an idea, wanting thoughts on naming, branding and initial launch marketing.

We've learned that your early market success is down to this being done well, so it's essential we understand your aims and markets right at the start. We are happy to work with a defined budget - when your spend has to work hard, we'll make the difference.

Our initial consultation is usually free - we'll be honest about how and where we can add value, recommending complementary sources where appropriate. We can certainly provide you with the right visual and promotional toolkit, combined with a considered marketing strategy, to ensure a memorable and successful launch. Having gone through this process several times, we can also bring to your attention some of the small hurdles that you may encounter, for example securing and registering an optimised domain name to copyright protection of your name and brand.


I'm based overseas and wish to access UK design and creativity

Dowie is delighted to be part of the 'Britain is Great' Campaign - view our profile on the link.


We work with clients in the USA and Europe and thrive on the oportunity to stretch our strategic and creative skills to different markets and audiences. We also work with translators and provide design and project work in several languages.

The principles of design and marketing are universal. If we start work in a new location, we ordinarily go through a market-sensing process to understand  local markets, enables, barriers and social norms before starting creative work.

If you'd like to arrange a conference call for an initial chat about your project, or would like some guide costs, let us know.

My school or college has a design project

We design and produce everything that an educational provider might need to promote themselves with, as well as upgrading messaging and appearance. From stakeholder research to ascertain what people think of you, to clarifying your key messaging, to branding (upgrade or redesign), design of minibuses, open morning promotions, prospectuses, websites, templates, newsletters and magazines, signage, reception interiors and uniform redesign. You name it.

We also provide strategic marketing guidance to schools and colleges. Having worked with schools in the capacity of parents, suppliers and governors, we have a 360° perspective on governance, educational and operational issues.

We'd be delighted to discuss whatever you need and provide estimates for your consideration.

'Commercialising' a project

Increasingly we work with clients who have developed a product,  system or service and are unsure about how to optimise it impact it its target marketplace.


With a clear understanding of your aims and of your products points of difference, we can develop, prepare and launch an implementation plan, with full scheduling and costings, together with the necessary visual and content toolkit to ensure a succesful product or service launch.

Call us for a chat, we're always happy to provide guidance - and in many cases the initial meeting is free.

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