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Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons is a specialist equine practice based in Newmarket. Recognised worldwide, the Rossdales brand has become syonymous with excellence in equine care. Its Newmarket equine hospital leads the way in equine surgery and recuperation.

Rossdales' previous logo was a standing horse positioned inside a line horsehoe with a microscope above it, set against a grid background.Scientific, yet static and inert. The rendition of the elements was detailed to the point of cluttered and created an altogether rather Victorian feel.


For internal reasons, the new logo was introduced in two stages, the first with the horse against a background containing a circle, square and triangle, reminiscent of the grid effect, but with a Leonardo twist. Stage two involved freeing the horse from the background.


We regenerated the logo to convey a healthy galloping horse, energetic, light and optimistic. The type is confident and formal yet with a light precision. The underscore thins toward the edges are included again to reflect precision and accuracy. The horse image was drawn in-house.


The overall look is one of a modern, lively, professional partnership.


Work produced:

Logo and branding

Design guidelines

Brochure and folder


Branded clothing

Display boards

Photography and art direction

Equine handbook

Powerpoint and keynote presentation templates


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