Reverse Engineering



Retrotechnologies is a specialist provider of heritage vehicle parts generated by 3D printing technology.


Based at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire, the company is ideally placed to provide hard-to-get vehicle parts such as castings, forgings and machined items.

Dowie produced a logo using the rt initials in a simple, modern, distinctive way loosely resembling a gearshift plan but with a digital feel. Three dimensionalised  versions of the logo were then produced as supplements to the logo for display use.
The website introduces a contour transformation from a small rt to a larger version, to emulate the scanning technique used by the 3D print process.
The typography is clean with a surgical clarity. Three dimensions and space are a large part of the brand, whilst the logo is kept simple so it can be used as a stamp on the products.



Work produced:

Branding and logo 



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