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Redrice is a passionate and opinioned team of proven investors, operators and entrepreneurs. The company invests in committed entrepreneurs and consumer brands at seedling stage.

Dowie was approached by this startup company to look at their branding. The brief was to present the Redrice as forward thinking, visually astute, consumer aware, and different in approach to conventional venture companies.  

The chosen design was based around the origin of the name Red Rice, a town and school (now closed) in Hampshire. The name is said to be derived from the red dogwood and bracken which occupied a field on the site, illustrated in a map of c.1730, 'ricce' meaning scrubland.

The symbol, or 'bracken',  also represents the chaos of challenges a small businesses can find itself in when it gains commercial traction, and insinuates a barcode, reflecting the consumer orientation of the businesses. Redrice helps bring order through sound financial backing and diverse management expertise.

Work produced:

Logo, branding


Design guidelines

PPT presentation design 42pp

Website restyle

Ai illustrations of the team


Redrice design guidelines_01.jpg
Redrice design guidelines_04.jpg
Redrice design guidelines_08.jpg
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