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my-let is a property letting website offering an online/ onphone solution to finding tenants. The site has a bespoke property management tool, AdBuilder, which enables users to undertake landlord administration such as pay tradesmen, arrange/manage viewings, sign contracts digitally, and upload and advertise their property details on Zoopla, Prime Location, Right Move and plenty more.


Dowie was asked to create a strong, memorable brand around the existing name. The clarity and simplicity of the type reflects the website's ease of use. The hyphen creates a 'to let' board and the edge of the Y resembles the side of a house. The logo can work as a strong an app icon.

The site was designed for clarity and ease of use. Key messaging is displayed in a header slideshow. The team developed a swift and easy click through sales process with clear offers of a number of components and add-ons in addition to the process of compiling an advert for the property, which includes tips and advice. A parallel site was produced for commercial property.

A balance was struck between desktop users who it is thought would be researching, registering and purchasing, and mobile users who would be more likely to browse or update accounts.

Work produced:

Branding, logo 


To let board



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Below: the My-Let site before redesign

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