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Maynard House



Maynard House has been growing apples since 1934 and bottling juice since 1997. Today they supply their distinctive juices to some of Britain's top hotels and restaurants as well as selected retail outlets.  

Dowie was asked to look at their labelling, but with that came the need to re-visit their branding.


Over the past five years, we have worked with Maynard House to create a distinctive appearance which emphasises the luxury quality and specialist variety of their juice flavours. We allowed the juice colour to speak for itself, leaving a large area of the new clear glass carafe-style bottle open to view, while a tamper tab adds a tailored look.

We used styling reminiscent of botanical illustrations to emphasise the variety message, and used black to throw forward the juice colour.

As they make pure juice from several varieties of apple juice, we created a simple 'flavour meter' to help consumers identify which juice variety best matched their desire, along with a short description of the flavour on the label face.

If you think the packaging looks good, you should taste the juices!


Work produced:

Logotype and symbol

Label design and range for 19 bottles

Orchard and pack photography

Copy writing

Website design

Trade leaflets

Fruit illustrations

Series of advertisements


You can buy online now at

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