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Hotties and Barbies were produced by John Jardine, a Suffolk entrepreneur. These reconstituted logs are made from shredded waste-wood and sawdust using powerful machinery. The logs feel like hardwood, contain just 4% moisture (dried logs normally contain 25% and non-dried logs up to 50%) and burn reliably and very hot. Perfect to create a hot fire fast, or to boost a struggling one or for use in firepits and stoves. They do not spark and leave virtually no chimney residue.There are also smaller blocks used for barbeques. They are a great way to use nature's waste resources and today are sold throughout the UK.



Dowie derived the names Hotties and Barbies and secured their copyright. The logo was designed to convey the flame and heat which Hotties guarantee.

A marketing campaign to roll out the brand involved using milk delivery rounds and trial listings in the Co-Op throughout East Anglia along with petrol filling stations.


Work produced:

Name, logo and branding

Copyright registration and URL secured

Packaging label design

Promotional and informational material








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