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Heraeus Noblelight



Based in Cambridge Science Park, Heraeus Noblelight  create precision lamps and are innovators of photonic (light) solutions for use in manufacturing and industry processes worldwide.

Dowie undertakes a range of work for Heraeus, most recently the creation of a bespoke light-based illustration which forms the striking centrepiece for promotional activity across in Europe and in China, and an impactful flow diagram to demonstrate Heraeus' unique approach to solving customer problems. 

One exciting new system recently created by Heraeus is for the composite bonding industry. Humm3 produces rapid consistent heat distribution across flat and non-flat surfaces alike. Uniquely, the system allows unrivalled control through flexibility in three parameters, and adds significant benefits in terms of reliability, safety, economy and efficiency.

Dowie was asked to consider the branding of this new industry-changing process in terms of name and visual identity. The combination of the remarkable heat speed  and its unique flexible movement around curves and awkward shapes led us to a hummingbird symbol, which unites the products advantages in a single simple and memorable form. The name humm3 consolidates the metaphor, with the numeral three representing its three variable parameters.


Dowie is happy to have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Heraeus in place, which prevents more precise product details being outlined here.

Work produced:

Brand name development

Logo type and symbol

Copy writing

Videos: using Adobe Premier Pro



Digital imagery

Animated gifs

Pop up banners

Article writing (aerospace and composites media).


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