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Private Client Insurance Brokers


Castleacre is a specialist heritage insurance broker which arranges insurance for museum estates, private clients, families and trusts across the United Kingdom.


Using the existing name we designed the logo and introduced a symbol which combines castle and hill images, illustrating protection and stolidness - cornerstones of insurance.


As a private client insurance broker, Castleacre creates unique packages for unique, high value items. We created their straplines, 'No Ordinary Insurance No ordinary broker'. To cover their prolific Museum and Gallery insurance, we adapted this to 'Exceptional Places Exceptional Cover'.


The identity is clean and strong, using plenty of white space and a distinctive pinky red, both of which throw forward the strong black logotype. Generous use of space and discrete typography is very important to maintain a high quality feel. The mood is confident, understated and finely tooled. Fine illustrations of a classic style form a key part of the identity. 


As a part of the upgrade, we redesigned the website header, menus and footer to follow the new style, and advised on how other key parts of the site should be altered to follow style, thus avoiding the expense of a complete rebuild.



Work produced:

Logo and branding


Corporate folder

Advertisements x48

Promotional postcards

Website elements



Display banners


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