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Rudolph has developed a chill (poor Rudolph), so Santa has to choose a new leader for his sleigh.


His brightest reindeer are Dasher, Prancer, and Comet, so he decides to set them a challenge.

He shows them five baubles, three gold and two silver, saying “I will put one bauble on the antlers of each of you, so you can see the baubles on the others but not the one on your own. I will ho, ho, hold the others out of sight.


Whoever is the first to correctly identify the colour of their own bauble will become my new lead reindeer.” He then puts a gold bauble on Comet and Prancer and a silver one on Dasher.


After a few minutes, Comet
announces that his bauble is gold.

How does he know?

scroll down to find the answer.

How did Comet know?

OK. So Comet thinks to himself, I can see Dasher has a silver bauble, so if I also have a silver bauble, Prancer would be able to see both silver ones and therefore he would know his was gold. But he’s not saying that, so therefore he must be seeing one silver and one gold, meaning I have a gold one.

Note: Dasher could not have won - naughty Santa.   Merry Christmas!!

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