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Marketing healthcheck


Marketing has changed significantly in the past few years. Today, the growth of content marketing and engagement marketing means there is greater scope to make meaningful contact with target customers. Whichever approach best suits your position, living your brand values through your behaviours is key to corporate authenticity.


Our marketing healthcheck gives you peace of mind that your marketing is fit for purpose, pointing out hits and misses.

It's a five-part process which typically takes about 7-10 days:

visual review  - how you look to those that matter

content review  - what you say, when you say it, how you say it

stakeholder review - how people that matter perceive you now

tactics review  - how effectively you're engaging your target groups

market sensing  - what's happening out there which might affect you.

The output underpins a marketing roadmap with recommendations for tactics to engage target stakeholders. Be assured that stakeholder research is positive, constructive and meaningful.

Strategic marketing communications are the lifeblood of business success. We can support your marketing activity as little or as much as you require.

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